Abyss The Last Gorge

Abyss - The Last Gorge, Realm of Lord of Dead by kaaya faye

Eyes closed,

I was asleep.

And in my sleep i heard the door fly open.


My eyes flashed wide awake

“Who is it?” I stuttered in fear

Half audible, half silent

I was shivering

With anticipation of darkness and death.

“Let’s go, kid. I have come to take you.”

I heard a sad man say.

Bent and bowed under the weight of lethargy

His eyes were dark and droopy

I could not tell if he was bored, depressed or both.

“Who are you? Where are you taking me?”

I asked, my fist clenching the blanket too tight.

“To the Underworld. I am the Lord of Dead.”

He said, bored

Like an employee upset about his day job.

“Move now”

He yawned and started away from the door.

I felt my feet freeze

To the underworld, I didn’t move.

“But, I am not dead.”

I whispered.

Stern, not so much

But, I said again, louder.

“Yes, you are…look behind you.”

There I saw astonished

Lay my body, lifeless.


“Stroke, kid. Stroke. Let’s go now.”

Tears rolled down my cheeks

My heart sank

You failed me. You deserve to sink and die.

I lashed my heart.

Following the grumpy man

I cried, hopelessly

I wanted to die

No, I wanted to live.

My family!

“Can’t I say goodbyes to my family?”

“We have got no time on our hands.”

They will miss me. I will miss them too.

We kept walking

It was less of walking and more like falling

Falling down a steep hill

Scary! Scary! Mamma!

I shut my eyes tight.

Tears never stopped

But, we did.

It was dark and I could smell

Rotting, burning, dying, and decaying

“What is it? What smells so bad?”

“Dreams, expectations, words unsaid, feelings unexpressed…” he sighed

“I am home and so are you.”

This can never be my home.

“This is, kid. Settle down.”

“Did I do something wrong or hurt someone?”


“Have I been a bad person in someway.”

“How would I know?.”

“Then why here? Why not heaven? Why hell?”


He took a scroll out and searched for an answer

“ummmmm…I can’t find it. Look your name was on the list.”

“Why? WHY?” I screamed

But, quickly stepped back, when his golden eyes glared.

“Don’t you dare!”

He seemed to have caught fire

Before going back to his bored, lumped self.

He sluggishly turned around

And started to leave.

He is going! He is going!

Panic was everywhere.

I ran after him.

“Is there a heaven?”

“There is,

But no one goes there anymore.”


“Cause they feed Styx.”

The odor! Bad..bad..bad.

“Why does it smell so bad here?”

“It’s the land of death.”

“But, bodies decay, spirits don’t.”

“It’s not the smell of the bodies.”

“What is it, then?”

“It’s Styx.”

His finger pointed to the left

A river flowed there

It’s water was black and grey like molten charcoal

It carried things…strange to be identified.

I saw a plane trying to fly

But, it kept crashing.

“We feed this river?”



“Saw that plane?

A kid wanted to become a pilot.”

The Lord said.

“Those two rings entwined?

The woman wanted to break free of her marriage.”

“The broken guitar is the dream of a girl

She wanted to be the Punk Queen.”

“And so on…” he yawned again.

Dead dreams! Forsaken and dumped.

“Where will the river take them?”

“To feed the shark”

He pointed northwards.

Skeleton of a shark

Wild and hungry

For neither flesh nor blood

But, dreams, faith, expectations, and hope.

The shark plunged at the plane

Tore it in pieces

And satisfied plunged at another.




“Her name is Fear.”

“She tears, she frightens.

The only one who does her job

Love doesn’t bloom here

Dreams are never realized.

Power does not dare

Persistence does not strive.

Hope does not live

But, Fear does not die.”

Lord of dead criticizing death

What bored eyes instead of outrageous

What sluggish body instead of swift and unhesitating

The loose clog of a Hobbit instead of a cape

Not a single ray of light in this house of doom

But, no pain, no screams, no baleful laugh echo

Only dullness and prolonged ennui.

We walked a little farther

Spirits of men, animals, and birds

Roamed the place.

No tails wagged or barks blew

No man cared, no birds flew

Is this hell?

“Yes! Your worst fear realized.

An eternity of dissatisfaction,

Forever wasted, beyond life.”

and i had never heard a line

more cruel and cold than that

to have nothing to enjoy or cry over

and live a death like this.

a thousand years unchanged

ions of silence and gloom

oh what a doom!

oh what a doom!

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