I sat in my room staring at the wall
The tick-tack kept ringing in my ear
I lifted my eyes to look at the Clock
Seconds,  minutes, hours, months and years.
“Stop!” I wanted to command
“Stop and let me breathe today”.
But it rushed hurrying at the same pace
It kept running the quickest way.
“Stop” I yelled. “stop right there or break.”
It looked unfazed, and kept ticking Time.
While I kept sitting talking to my Clock
And fixed my words in rhymes.
“Stop” I begged. “Stop and listen to me”
But the unsympathetic Clock ran with Time.
While I kept begging and yelling at it
The cruel thing struck brutish nine.
“Why did you not stop? ”
I asked before I got out of bed
“Time does not stop for happy or sad,
It doesn’t care if you are living or dead.”
I glared at it in anguish and pain
I glared at it in sorrow and rage.
The Clock kept ticking and ticking Time
With its dedicated hands, building a cage.
It grinned at me while at work
It smirked and told no lies
“Go and get ready for the day
Go before time flies.”
Angry I stepped out of my bed
Angry I left the house.
Left behind the broken Clock
Left with Time – its lonesome spouse

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