Illicit Liaison – The Forbidden Fruit

Illicit Liasons - The Forbidden Fruit by Kaaya Faye
Love is not enough
Not always does it suffice
The blossoms of the orchid seem dull
When the forbidden entice.
The taste of it – bitter sweet
Temptation beguiles until yielded
The softness of its surface itches
Until with softness of your lips sealed with.
Let not virtue interfere
In a situation that needs it not there.
When not offered, make a loot
Taste the forbidden fruit.
Love it and nourish it with care
Do what otherwise was not fair.
Do it for love and do it for lust
Taste it if the fruit says you must.
Yield to it or try to abate
If not, then do not wait.
Taste it before it rots
Taste it before it’s bought.
Surrounded with the wails of Church
Over the sheets of fallen veils.
Savour the fruit in front of the world
Like you did not steal.
Make love and make war
As if it was what you’ve lived for.
Keep the fruit safe from the sight
Of saints and of knights.
Run,  abscond and hide.
Protect it from king’s men, guide.
Save it from friends and save it from foes
Save it from every glance they throw.
Taste the bitter,  taste the sweet
Under the fallen veils, keep it discreet.
Now that you have made the loot
Own the forbidden fruit.

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